As a specialist M&A consultancy with a 20-year track record, First Choice Corporate has a portfolio of qualified buyers currently looking to buy small to medium sized companies, whether profitable or not, to add to their existing businesses.

Often a proven and professional management team is as attractive to a buyer as the P&L account.

With our extensive international database of industry executives and entrepreneurs, we are confident of being able to always find the best matches for buyers and sellers.

We are currently seeking acquisition opportunities for the following investment clients:

  • A large Asian freight forwarder that has worked with First Choice Corporate before is looking to buy again in the UK. It is looking for a business with an annual turnover of up to £30M.
  • Two well-established UK-based companies looking to purchase businesses to increase their client base. They will consider UK regional locations. Air and Ocean Forwarders only.
  • First Choice Corporate is also working on behalf of three UK Forwarders, each looking to purchase companies with a  price tag of circa. £1M.