Finding the best deals for buyers and sellers 

Business owners that have invested years of their careers building up their company want to achieve the maximum price from the sale and also ensure they are leaving the business and its employees in safe hands for the future.

For nearly 20 years, First Choice Corporate has been successfully fulfilling these requirements for clients on both sides of the M & A equation in the freight, transport and logistics industries. In the case of buyers, what often begins with a simple instruction leads onto a long-term business partnership that encompasses every aspect of the First Choice service offering; further M & A, executive search and staff recruitment.

First Choice has built a strong reputation withUKbusinesses and investors for the quality of its work and, most importantly, the discretion with which it operates, which is such a vital component of every M & A transaction.

International businesses regularly employ First Choice to help identify potential acquisition targets and to guide them through the buying process in accordance withUKlaw. Similarly, when searching for a buyer or investor, First Choice is able to look at global options as opposed to being restricted to only operating withUKbuyers, helping to achieve the best price for the client’s shareholders.

As a result of its track record and standing in theUKmarket, First Choice has a strong portfolio of potential buyers and investors as well as shareholders looking to sell their companies.

Researching the market

To offer the best advice, you need to be in touch with the marketplace. As well as ongoing intelligence gathering on companies and the freight market, First Choice also uses a high profile marketing campaign and advertisements in the trade press and national media to identify both buyers and sellers. This regularly helps to highlight new opportunities for clients both in the UKand internationally and is conducted in addition to ‘below the line’ contacts and negotiations.

How we can help you?

  • We’ll find the best company to suit your specific brief
  • Our experts will assist, mediate and negotiate on behalf of either buyer or seller and participate in all scheduled meetings
  • First Choice will perform commercial due diligence if required by the client.

As part of its specialist M & A services, First Choice can also:

  • Produce company profiles and financial summaries
  • Provide management reports
  • Assist with 3-5 year strategies following an acquisition
  • Advise on personnel and all other M&A issues
  • Carry out assignments anywhere in the world

The first step is free

At First Choice, our approach is that a prospective client should have the opportunity to discuss their requirements with us without having to make a commitment. So the first consultation with the First Choice M&A team is always free of charge. Both parties can then gauge whether it is appropriate to take the next step.

Contact us in confidence

For further information or to arrange a meeting, please contact Simon Ward in strictest confidence via email at or call +44 (0)1784 421 234