‘The person we did appoint has driven our sales up 30%’

Like a lot of companies, we’ve always questioned whether we needed to use recruitment agencies when we’ve been employing staff but it’s only when you do that you realise the value. We’ve had a fairly high turnover of management staff in recent years and often it was us taking people out of the business because they didn’t deliver what they’d promised at the interview. When it came to finding a new UK sales director, we decided to try First Choice Corporate because they have a good reputation for executive search and clearly have a lot of excellent contacts in the UK freight industry.

They spent time listening to us, finding out why previous appointments haven’t worked out as well as we’d hoped, and building a profile of the person we needed. They don’t bombard you with CVs. They take a very considered approach and only put forwarder candidates they are confident will match our requirements. In the end, we say three candidates and could easily have gone for any of them. The person we did appoint is still with us and has driven our sales up 30% in the last year years. We would certainly recommend First Choice.

‘I was able to explain the type of business and challenge that interested me’

The UK freight industry is a close-knit community and when you’re in a senior role but feel it’s time to make your next career move, you really want to try and do this as discreetly as possible. How often does word get round that a particular person is in the market looking for a job! I didn’t want that, partly because I didn’t want to jeopardise my current position. I was able to meet with First Choice Corporate and explain why I was ready for my next role and explain the type of business and challenge that interested me.

They were able to understand the companies that would benefit from what I had to offer and had the contacts to make some discreet enquiries. Several good opportunities came up and ultimately I took a Senior VP role with a major multi-national logistics company. First Choice Corporate gave me good advice and increased the number of options I had when they time came to move. I’ve since been back to them to help recruit members of my new team.